As we just lost the fight against the winter, we just thought it might be useful to draw up an outfit which matches in these horrible days…So as we are going to wait for the “real” spring time to begin, we could wear these kind of outfits.

At first we have here a leggings from Alexander McQueen (Black Dragonfly and Flowers print leggings), which are very beautiful, convenient and practical for the simple reason that they are a little bit thicker (80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane)so you can wear them definitely also in winter/spring time.
As top we chose a top which is as the same time classy and stylish at the same time….(Miss Selfridge)
Our absolut favourite and heart piece of this outfit is the 2nd Day leather jacket. The 100% leather outside just makes it very warm but very light at the same time.
What kind of shoes you want to wear on this outfit is quite open. On our opinion the leggings is the eye catcher of the set, so maybe black would fit better. In that case we have chosen Jeffrey Campell Damsel Claw.

We have chosen as accessory a very classy bag (Chanel mini Matelasse) which is also very trendy at the same time and as nailpolish we would take either a black or an orange nailpolish(Butter London). In our opinion in spring time, sunglasses never have to be missed… when the first sunbeams come out, you are going to be happy that you have them. In that case, less is more,or a bit more Johnny Depp like: ILLESTEVA

So, what is your opinion for those frozy days? In bella Italia we have 8° ….Bad


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