WHO’S NEXT Prêt-à-Porter Paris review July 2012

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Never been to the Who’s Next Prêt-à-Porter trade show? Well you definitely should…
It is not only the fact that many brands of up-and-coming designers show their future collections and as a personal shopper you could get many impressions of the newest prêt-à-porter fashion, but also the incredible Fashion Show. It is not just a straight one, it has more of a play at a theatre. This makes the show even more interesting. As you can see on the pictures there is also a live band which plays during the show matching perfectly to the play.

So… which of these different styles has become a true trend? We should consider in this case that this was the Prêt-à-Porter in July 2012.In our opinion, most of them have arrived and stayed quite for a long time or are still in.

Lets take a look specifically at the picture. We know they are quite bad, because we were sitting on the left side of the catwalk. Although we haven’t put all the pictures online because they were just too much, so these are just our favourites.
On picture nr.1 we just wanted to give you a feeling about what it looks like at this show. A catwalk/stage which is quite large and on the right side the band called NEÏMO played incredible indie rock music.  So the Show started….
On picture nr.2 : serfs, the look has been created by Kaporal Jeans. Shoes by Hunter, which are in our opinion definitely a trend. So much people are wearing rubber boots as normal shoes in this winter/spring. The bags by Kaiser. The jewels by Sandrine de Montard. The gloves by Emmanuelle Khanh.
On picture nr.3: gardienne de village, the focus lies on the shoes by MINNETONKA. Definitely a trend, but in our opinion the hype is almost over. Maybe they’ll be back in “real” spring time.
On picture nr.4: ado princesses, the look has been created by Muse of love. Shoes by Atelier Mercadal. Accessories by Janete Zamboni. Belts by Listo Belts. The focus lies here more or less on the shoes and belts, which are definitely a great accessory.
On picture nr.5: Armée de fer / noir et blanc, the look has been created by FREESOUL. Shoes by la botte gardiane. Tights by les queues de sardines. The printed leggings are in our point of view an absolute must have in spring. Accessories by Dalaleo. Sunglasses by Skyeyes. Sunglasses are always a must have, cause as you know… it’s never to dark to be cool ;)
On picture nr.6: Nymphes, the attention lies on the accessories by ULI. Big necklesses are a trend which you can’t miss. The look has been created by PF Paola Frani. The shoes by la botte gardiane.
On picture nr.7: Bourreaux, the created look by KI.HEN is specialised on shoes by T.ODO and accessories by Odette Bombardier. This picture consists of a mix between the look of Paola Frani and KI.HEN.
On picture nr.8: equal to picture nr. 6… and an awesome show.
On picture nr.9: Orgie florale femme, the look has been created by NUI. This is one of our favourite pictures. The shoes by BEE.FLY and the accessories by Room Service. The sneaker wedges are or have been a trend… if they can withstand, the time will show. But they should be in a closet of every fashion addicted .
On picture nr.10/11/12: Danse médiévale, the look has been created by Lauren Vidal. The shoes from Mellow Yellow, which have in that case plateau, are a must have in spring time. The accessories Jianhui London.
On the last picture nr. 13: Liberté / égalité / fraternité, the look has been created by Özlem Süer. The accessories by La Tonkinoise.

The end of the show was very nice with lots of music and the whole crew went back on the catwalk to bow out. As we recommended at the beginning… you should definitely have a look at the Who’s Next in July 2013. After the show, you could enjoy the final show of the Fashion Institute Esmod, Paris and after each day of “shopping” at the huge trade show, they organise a party which you should definitely join.

So what’s your ultimate opinion about the trends of the last S/S trends? Are they still on tune?


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