DSCF3669 - KopieJust to keep you a bite up-to-date…

We have been to lago como today… Never been? Well, you definitely should… It is worth it, trust us!!
And we saw George Clooneys house… which is amazing!! But sad we haven’t seen him!

So the weather is so warm at the moment here in Italy… so good after weeks of freezing our ass off!! We came back at 24:00 and we just used a sweater over these kind of outfits!! 25 degrees is quite nice!!!

So what I wore today:

Top: Primark
Trousers: Zara kids
Shoes:  Nike

So we hope you had the same weather at your place… or what have you to wear?

P.S.: don’t look at the mess in the back… oh you are now right? :S And It would be so nice if you’d follow us on facebook


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