Onomatopoesis by Marie Estelle Paquette

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After a wonderful week of holiday and an awful week of illness we are back with a contribution about an amazing fashion designer and her awesome idea of creating fashion.

We saw her in 2012 at the fashion show “Show12” in Germany where upcoming fashion designers presented their Bachelor collections. She was our absolute favourite.Obviously we asked her to give us some informations about herself and her incredible work. So here she is:

Marie Estelle Paquette, B.A.

I am a Fashion Design student from the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany. Currently I am studying at the London College of Fashion for my Masters Degree in Fashion Design. During my studies I have developed a passion for creating innovative fashion in combination with soft- and hardware. One of these projects was “Flocanique”. I worked on this project with a multidisciplinary team of Intermedia Designers, Communication Designers, Jewellery Designers, Fashion Designers, a Sensor Engineer and a Computer Scientist.

The result of this teamwork is an interactive dress with integrated Flip Dot hardware remotely controlled via bluetooth.

Flip dots are normally used on information boards in airports and bus terminals.The Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong has published this project at an exhibition on October 2012, together with this video:

Vimeo Video

What do you think of this futuristic project? Feel free to comment :).


On June 2012 my Bachelor collection was presented within the “Show12” fashion show. My Bachelors thesis “Onomatopoesis”, is based upon the visualization of sounds, known as echoism. Using a sound visualization software especially developed for my thesis, I analysed an audio recording of six onomatopoeic words such as “Badabäm”, “Swoosh”, “Zoom” etc.

The results inspired me to develop prints, silhouettes, patterns and jewelry referring to this innovative technology.

The colour range is based on grey tones, which refer to the electronic metal devices used within this project in combination with a strong orange tone that underlines the powerful “Go for it!” statement my collection emanates. A state of mind I want to pass on to people who are unsure of themselves, to help them fulfill their dreams.

I hope my deep passion for fashion will bring me to great unexpected places, where I will meet amazing people to share my knowledge with, and who will help me discover new ways and perspectives within design.

If anybody is curious about me and my work, feel free to send an e-mail my way: marie.estelle88@googlemail.co

So, isn’t she totally amazing? What do you think about her and incredible futuristic idea?
Mor videos are available on Vimeo. One of them showing her fashion collection Onomatopoesis right below . We really love it, especially the blazer… don’t  you think this is something you would love to have in your closet? Well we do!! What would you wear it with? In our opinion you could wear it as casual as good as for an event.

Fashion designer: Marie Estelle Paquette, B.A.

Photographer: Mike Bastian

And a special thanks to Marie Estelle Paquette who took her time to send us informations and to the photographer Mike Bastian for allowing us to use his pictures.


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  1. The links for the video and email contact address are broken, somebody copy & pasted it from gmx webmailer ;)


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