In love with André Borchers

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Obviously today everybody should know him.
Always extravagant-eye-catching but so classy – André Borchers.

A german fashion designer  with great ideas and always recognized because of his headbands and XXL Bags, obviously his own or Hermès as seen on many pictures in magazines.

During the Autumn/Winter fashion shows in New York he was voted one of the best dressed people of the NYFW by the New York magazine, which we definitely understand because his style is always amazing.

But not only the fact that he is an enrichment for the world of fashion, he primarily has a huge heart and supports different charity projects such as the creation of his own Charity shirt collection to support a Charity Project in his hometown Bad Oeynhausen to favor children in Ruanda. Furthermore he just organised a luxury flea market in favor to the Tabaluga Child Foundation.

Currently, André Borchers, collaborated with the traditional German label Bethge and their common collection “Neon Couture” and still works as the creative head for his high-end leather bags and accessory collection which you can see some on the slideshow.

Currently he commutes between New York and Hamburg.

=> His current collection is called “KIN” and is dedicated to his family and friends. At that point, luxury meets street art and tradition meets innovation, as he sais. In this sense we totally agree with him. His collection is amazing and at once suitable for the daily life, for a dinner or just for the night.

Each bag or case of KIN, made in traditional German handmade craftsmanship, has his unique handwriting, not only because of the hand drawn comic figures but also because of the carefully selected leather which are used.

Also gettable are the limited pieces which are definitely limited, because there are only 7 pieces available worldwide. Thereunder a Rolex Deapsea “Blaken by André Borchers” which combines the traditional Rolex with the comics of André Borchers Street art look. Amazing one!

So if you would like to grace your room with a handmade in Germany on-of-a-kind bag or case which spices up every chamber or just support one of his charity events, which we would be very happy about, then check one of the linked websites.

What is your opinion about these?


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