Uni distraction

Oh Uni can be so boring!!!
That’s why I was really happy that my little sister borrowed me a book from the Library at the University of Lübeck, where she is currently studying!!
Well the Book is really good and published in 2007, and the pictures are more or less from collections from 2005/06! It is called Young Fashion Designers from Marta R. Hidalgo.

I decided to show you some of the designers which I really like!!

In our opinion it is obvious that they had some kind of futuristic ideas…

The first picture shows a collection of Albino D’Amato … We think that the most people started wearing wedges, maybe 2-3 years ago? What do you think?
The second picture shows a collection of BAMBIBYLAURA by Laura Figueras. Don’t you think it looks exactly like American Apparel swimsuits? We think they look amazing;)
The third picture is definitely the best… it shows a print of Basso&Brooke! I would buy it and wear it immediately if it would be an overall!!
The fourth and fifth picture shows a collection of Gilles Rosiers and we love the blazer… the shoulders are high and in our opinion people started wearing this since Lady GaGa and Rihanna started doing it.


So what do you thing? And do you know any of them?


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