adidas x Rick Owens S/S 2014

adidas by Rick Owens

adidas by Rick Owens

Oh yes… here is some fresh new stuff we really love!!

Adidas combines this season his breakthrough technology with the inspired vision of designer Rick Owens. Together they produce a range innovative footwear for men and women.
For those who don’t know him, Rick Owens is one of the leaders of fashion’s avant-garde. He defined an unmistakable minimalist, architectural and graphic aesthetic.

A great mixture of his design signature and a single silhouette composed of leather and nylon in colors of black, white, gray, pearl and bone has been made possible for this collaboration.

Like most great design projects, this one aswell arose from a personal desire -to motivate his cardio efforts. The results can be shown: one trainer in six unique material and color combinations for men and four for women.

We almost overlooked the barely perceptible tree-stripe adidas perforation on the side. In our opinion a very nice idea to put only a slight hint of branding.

Debuting this June at Paris fashion week, the collection will be on sale in December 2013. Retail prices range from 400€-500€. A steep price, but in our opinion, just for the design…it’s worth it.
What do you think? We love sneakers…obviously we are not going to get around them… in a positive way. It is great that people start to wear sneakers on events where you maybe would wear something more sophisticated…better for our feet!!
We are really exited to hear and read more about Rick Owens… he is awsome!!



And don’t miss to follow us on Facebook or twitter, we are going to blog “live” from the shows at the Berlin Fashion Week starting on Tuesday the 2nd. Promise, we are on really great events and we are going to introduce you to german designers you are going to love!!!


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