Grazia Fashion week preview show







Ohhh… our dearest fashion addicted friends…

We love Berlin and we love the fashion week!!
Here a small preview of the Preview show by Grazia!! We promise there is going to be tonnes of good stuff for you when we have time to write it!

Obviously fashion weeks are really stressy!!

Yeahiiii and now we are on the guestlist of the pre fashion week party by Dandydiary!! Really exited for that!! Actually Dandydiary is an awesome Men blog on which you should definitely have a look!! The party is going to be amazing and the motto is sexy-poolparty…. Our outfits will be uploaded in time:)

What are your plans for tonight? Isn’t the fashion week the best event in earth? Can’t wait to tell you more!!

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3 thoughts on “Grazia Fashion week preview show

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