Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2013

This year we had the honor to attend the Fashion Film Festival where Designers can present their shortfilms about the collections.

Our favourite was the shortfilm of Julian Zigerli “Happy Tears” from Regisseur Martin Monk.
Amazing film which you should definitely watch. One of my favourite actors plays in it, Alan Cumming.

Isn’t this film awesome and really inspiring don’t you think?

And here the most scaring Fashion film I have ever seen! It is from the Designers Moga e Mago and the film from Ralf Schmerberg. OMG it is so spooky and at the same time sooo good! At the Moment in began the whole Cinema was completely quiet and everybody just watched it in a pure silence. Maybe the people were shocked and impressed at the same time.

I was right or not? it is really scaring….

Actually a really good day :)

By the way I was wearing a black Dress from H&M, Shoes from Bianco, a bag from Zara and a necklace from Bijou Brigitte and my good old RayBan


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