#fashionooball Vernissage

We are pretty sure you can remember the interruption at the Dolce & Gabbana show on the 22.06. At tip? All you could see were a nice pair of red sneakers.

The streaker from Dandy Diary introduced in that way the widely spread main principle of streaking in football to the fashionworld. To fresh up you mind here the fashion film #fashionooball by Arturo Martinez-Steele:

The produced movie was presented at an exhibition in the Jordan & Seydoux Galerie in Berlin.
It has been included in a 360 degrees video installation of the london artiste Mattia Bernini and was accompanied by the audioplastic of music avant-gardist Quid Haden including bass and football chants.

In the end a very nice evening with nice people, good music and a good exhibition.

By the way the streaking was not a coincidence. The bloggers from Dandy Diary throw a spanner in the works of the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana because they seated bloggers in sept. 2009 in the front row and used them afterwords for their own marketing aims. Dandy Diary turned the game around and used their show to show the world the connection between fashion and sports.

In a design cooperation between Dandy Diary and the producer of sports article JAKO, a silk scarf has been produced to show the combination of sports and fashion with the inscription “You’ll never walk alone”

And sorry that the post came so late… internet in Italy is sooo bad… actually we almost never have a connection… YEAHI


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