Valerie A/W 2013 – Scandinavia’s finest from the Bread and Butter

As promised in our Bread and Butter post, we want to introduce you to one of our favourite brands we sighted at the Bread and Butter fashion fair in Berlin.

Valerie is a young fashion brand created and designed by Valerie Aflalo.

Spread all over Scandinavia and Europe she creates modern and natural fashion for self-propelled women.

Using finest materials for her plain coloured garments, she defines them with sequins, ribbons, laces all mixed with finest patterned silk.

In her Autumn / Winter collection 2013, she uses, as can be seen on the looks, mostly gray and black.
For me the perfect “colours” for the cold winter. Would you call them colours? We say YES to black. Black makes other colours look like complete fools. As Yves Saint Laurent said once: “What a woman really needs, is to have a black turtleneck”. So obviously Valerie made everything right, her A/W collection is high-necked and or black. Good designers apparently know what’s the best for us!! This collection is going to be available in a short time in the shops or in the online shop.

I would also recommend you warmly to have a look at her blog : Valerie; dressed and undressed


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