#Liebster Award


Ohhh this is so sweet… we have been nominated for the “Liebster Award”!!

The gorgeous Rose from Wretched and Divine nominated us a few days ago.
We did not have the time to answer her questions before….but nowwww we have!

Actually her questions are really complicated for us XD We had to give thoughts about them quite a lot!!
As the questions are predestined for only one person, I am going to answer the questions (Me, Selina XD)
So here our answers / questions and of course our favourites / nominates

1. List five fun facts about yourself. (I know this isn’t a question!)

Oh this is a mean question (not question)!!! Actually I think that I am always funny haha!! Well I asked my best friend Hanna what’s funny about me! So we chose these answers. I always talk like a little baby when I am talking on the phone! Sometimes people think I am a child…and actually I turned 25 in July! And with 25 my size of shoe is 32,5 (US 1) in Vans!! Sometimes I fall on the floor while trying to undress my trousers, but only if someone is watching, like for example in the changing room in the fitness. I still watch Nickelodeon ! But only the serious ones… Spongebob you know !! Sometimes, when I am bored I learn by heart some licence numbers of cars!! haha

2. Who is your guilty pleasure musician?

That’s really embarrassing, but I sometimes hear Justin Bieber…and yes I do even have a t-shirt with his face on!! oh damn… awkward! But sometimes the songs make good moods!

3. Describe your latest dream! (The type of dream you have when you are asleep.)

Actually I always have really weird dreams… maybe I should have written this in question number one because they are mostly really funny when I wake up and run in the kitchen and tell my flat mates what kind of bullshit I dreamed again. My latest dream was last night…. I dreamed that dinosaurs took the world domination!! I know that sounds weird but I was really scared and sooo sad because everybody screamed in my dream!! But as I told my boyfriend by dream he just laugh and the I had to laugh to because it sounds so funny!! As I study psychology I should maybe worry haha!!

4. What are five things you want to do before you die? You can write more than five if you like!

That’s a good question! First thing I really want to do is see the world as much as I can! My dad bought me a book called “1000 places to see before you die“, well I really need to see every one of them! I am going to start next year with my best friend Hanna a round the world trip! I know we can’t see everything but at least we’ll try. An other thing is that I really want to buy a chalet in Switzerland. I lived so long in Switzerland and I really miss it! I know the next thing is the complete opposite but I would really like to visite a place where people live who don’t have the luck the most of us have. I would love to save some money and donate it, but I want to be on location and help… I am not sure if I can trust some foundations… Well I do donate some money… not really much… 73 euro a year for saving penguins!! Sounds maybe more funny as it is!

And last but not least…. I just want to have lived my life!!

5. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Oh that’s sooo bad…. sometimes… when nobody is watching I smell secretly at the socks of my boyfriend before putting them away…. smells like home, haha!! baahhhh

6. Where in the world do you live?

Next Year I am going to move to New York with by boyfriend Sascha. But when I am old (XD) I want to return to Switzerland because it is the besssssst country on earth!

7. How old are you? (This question doesn’t have to be answered if you don’t want to!)

Oh I am soooo old haha, I am 25 and my boyfriend is 22…. I obviously love younger men… toyboy you know XD NOT

8. What kind of music do you like?

Hmm… that depends… When I go out I love house, when I am at home I like everything what’s on MTV and when I am at the fitness I love A Day to Remember, that’s the real shit!!

9. What can’t you live without (besides the obvious answers such as air, water, etcetera)?

I can’t live without my Family, my best friend Hanna, by boyfriend Sascha (well at least sind a few years), my clothes, shoes and bags, my friends and a really good book.

10. How important is blogging to you? Is it something you don’t really care about or your life? Is blogging in the middle? Explain!

As I am first of all studying, but in my free time I love to blog. So yes I would say it is in the middle!! And also not always in my free time, I take my time for my friends and family and for myself….

That were my awesome answers… not haha!! But here are my favourites / nominees for the “Liebster Award”
I know, some of them have already many followers, but they ARE my favs and why nominate some persons who are not :) And these are some of each sector I prefer.

1. julialinn

2. cariin cowalscii

3. today I will mostly be

4. Lifenstyle

5. joanna loves

6. Heels and Peplum

7. hannauhlin

8. candy coloured dreams

And here are my  absolute awesome questions for you

1. What kind of thing do you really need right now…? (Link or post a picture)

2. What is your favourite candy?

3. If you should describe in 1 sentence what was the best moment with your blog?

4. What is your beauty product you can’t live without?

5. What do you think is better… christmas or your birthday?Why?

6. Do you have a tv show you feel ashamed for?

7. Which person inspires you?

8. What is your favourite A/W trend 2013?

9. Do you think there is one thing you are awesome at? What is it?

10. If you would have a fantasy undo button, for what would you use it is the fashion world or in your fashion world?

I hope you like the questions and have fun answering them.


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