#Versatile Award


Oh yeahi, we have been nominated AGAIN by Rose for an Award, the Versatile Blogger Award.
You can find our first Award here.

We are very happy about this and are pleased to nominate some blogger we think they deserve it,
because the rules are following:

  • You must post the award and write who nominated you for it.
  • You have to give 15 awards to 15 other bloggers that you think deserve it.
  • Leave them a comment on their page to let them know that they have been nominated for this award.
  • Post seven cool things about yourself.

So here are my nominations

1. Artist Vasare Nar

2. Lishenho

3. The Faebulous Story

4. J.J’s dolly rockers

5. Lemonsaresweet

6. The Hijablog

7. Blue eyes sight

8. Fashion for lunch

9. Sylvie’s fashion secrets

10. Blondes love Cupcakes

11. Over my styled body

12. Her passion for fashion

13. Where the styled things are…

14. Sincerely, Whitney

15. The girls behind the camera

Here my 7 things about myself

– The first is by far the best…well at least at the moment with my sweet 25 years…I can eat everything without getting fat :D that’s awesome right? I eat every imaginable shit and my balance does not answer anything… and yes this is perfect for my sugar addictions :S And yes I am sugar addicted… when I don’t get my sugar… that’s going to end bad….

– I secretly hear Post-Hardcore / Metalcore Bads with some influence of Pop-Funk. That’s awesome music… I mostly hear it while fitness or walking though the city!

– I love post-its… Every time I can I write my stuff on my post-its :D

– I am not afraid to laugh alone :D I am a loud laugher, alone or with others, for example when watching movies.

– Every time I see some baby animals I have to stay still for some moments and then I say owwwwww… and I am not afraid to ask if I can caress a baby puppy <3

– I don’t have ONE muscle in my body… that’s why I can’t even do 3 push ups:S

– The baddest about myself, and that makes me in the same way extremely cool… I know how SPSS works… Oh yes!! By the way that’s a statistical program which is used in Psychology.

I hope you all have fun with the Award!!


2 thoughts on “#Versatile Award

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