MY #Paris Fashion Week x Berlin Showroom x MCM

Parallel to the Women’s Fashion Week in Paris, the Berlin Showroom presented 23 designers and their Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

According to this occasion we thought we might have a look at these awesome designers which, at least some of them, we already saw at the Berlin Fashion Week but are always very glad to have to opportunity and see their collections.

Although we had already seen some of them, seeing them directly in front of us is much more better.

You can see and feel the perfect quality.

The 23 selected brand were


Antonia Goy



Bobby Kolade



Dawid Tomaszewski


Franziska Michael


Hien Le

Isabell de Hillerin

Issever Bahri

Karlotta Wilde


Michael Sonntag

Perret Schaad




Très Bonjour


So here we went…. Paris… The city of the big skinny girl, always very classy and stylish…. ahhh!!!
Well at the end I decided to wear following

Bag: MCM / Dress: H&M / Shows: Bianco / Necklace: Zara

I had many favourites at this Berlin Showroom in the middle of beautiful Paris, so I chose these to show to you …..and a big thanks to Arne Eberle Press & Sales for the beautiful Pictures.

According to this, they created an editorial “menü berlin”


I really hope to see everyone next year again!!

Uh and here some good music from my friend Ribellu… ’cause it’s friday..yipiii


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