VELT ’13x’14 – The new Neoclassic look?

The young footwear label VELT designed by
Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg catched our attention this week.

They mix amazing contemporary shoe fashion with classic designs and
produce them with conventional materials in a traditional ways and methods.They won one of the 2013’s Swiss Federal Design Award.

As former Swiss citizent we are very pleased in that last point ;)

To achieve their holistic product, they insist that design and manufacturing coexist.
The design studio based in Berlin and their factory in Switzerland.

AW 13 / SS 14


Fotografie: Andreas Zimmermann
Fotoassistenz: Benjamin Füglister
Styling und Fotoproduktion: Sina Linke
Model A/W 13 Campaign: Vedran Sipic
Model S/S 14 Campaign: Gregory Polony
Assistenz: Robine Jöhr


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