MY meditiative evening activity X QVEST °59 X Preparing for winter skin

My tonight’s meditative evening consists of reading the new

QVEST °59 Fall 2013 Corinna,

making  my Nails with one of my new nail polishes form Claire’s
and my first using my nail polish remover from Kiko.
Trust me it is the best nail polish remover I have ever had.
I am using it now for more than 6 month and it is still working perfectly and seems not to get dryer.
You just put your finger inside and turn it for some
The nail polish from Claire’s is not exactly what I expected….
I tought it is more non transparent… opaque, you know?
Well, it is not!! it hat only some black and white spots, so I had to remove it again
and put some under polish and then the claire’s on top.
After that it looks really cool.

Maybe some of you know that fact… in winter the skin gets really dry?
I have this problem, that’s why I am using a moisturizing mask from Alverde as a prevention,
because it is getting really cold… one of the last days it was 4°…OMG, It was sooo cold.
And nothing is better for my skin as natural cosmetics, I use Alverde.

For the perfect atmosphere I always use my aromatherapy, which my mum gave to me.
I love it! It is from Oshadhi and called “Rosenkönigin” which means, “Rose queen”
I just put water in one of these tealight-vases and 3-5 drops of the essential oils and then inflame the tealight. The smell is awesome and better as every spray.
Most of synthetic sprays cause head ache… not essential oils.
Of course, if you use too much of it, but I think using to much of everything causes headaches !!


QUEST °59 Fall 2013 Corinna


Kiko nail polish remover
Claire’s nail polish


Alverde skin moisturizing face mask



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