MTWTFSS goes unisex in 2014

My first thought after reading the email was… WHAT? Unisex collection…
For what?

MTWTFSS is going to bring out a unisex collection called S/HE in February 2014

So my question was, for what? I see men wearing skirts and I think it is awesome, but I can’t imagine my boyfriend wearing one.
Of course I pigeonholed it… unisex = men with skirt :D
I was taught better…

Focusing on questions like: “Why should clothes reflect society’s gender stereotypes?” and “How can we help people to express themselves?…they mixed basics with very stylish must-haves.

The revolution even went so far that the sizes have been rethought and come in 1, 2, 3.

After all I totally understand the aim to give people the choice to exist as something more than male or female.

But in my opinion it is to early to start with skirts in february but as they are very long I think you could definitely wear them with some wool tights.

And here the very nice belonging video

And perfectly fitting to this


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