German Press Days 2013 Berlin – S/S’14

Better late than never!!

Obviously the press days are bygone since a few days now,
but we did not have time to write something about the press days.

I am currently trying to write something for my bachelor thesis…
which takes so much time…
Well I have to set priorities.

Unfortunately because of the same reason, I could not attend the press days in Berlin, where Designers presented their Spring/Summer 2014 collections.
Which is very sad, but I received some nice pictures.

My absolute favourite and the cutest is obviously the cat.
Isn’t it cute.
I have no idea to whom the cat belongs, but he/she is a perfect model.

Arne Eberle press + Sales presented the S/S 2014 at the Berlin Press Days

A&C – Awareness & Consciousness
Ethel Vaughn
Isabell de Hillerin
Julia and Ben
Julian Zigerli
Perret Schaad
Reality Studio
Studio Laend Phuengkit


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