Vernissage: Tessa Wolkersdorfer

On friday, I went with my dad to an awesome Vernissage.

The artist was Tessa Wolkersdorfer.

In a very modern way, she presented the observers a mixture of very cute and old-fashioned.
In my opinion, it would fit perfectly to my livingroom, because it is very fresh art with glowing colours, but can I see it in a living room of someone older, very classy? I’m not sure…
I could see it in a modern house…

In art, I love Acrylic, which she is using in different ways.
The theme she presented “Draußendaheim”, which means some kind of “outside at home”.
We really loved this one.
She displays furniture with mountain chains, deers in the livingroom, etc…
In normal circumstances, you would say that’s definitely something not normal.

Furniture in Nature? no ways.
But thinking about the pollution all over the world…it’s not that odd.
I see fridges and bicycles in the river every time go for a walk.
It’s sad, but obviously no one takes care… and it’s an issue.

Furthermore, very impressive was the fact that she paints on many levels.
When I looked some longer or from different distances, I could see them.
She told us, that she sometimes starts a painting and if it is not looking like what she expected, then she just turnes it around and starts for a new one. By looking closer you could see it.

Tessa ist going to have a great future.
She already won prices and I think there are many to come.


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