My week on Instagram

This week wasn’t very exiting…
Uni …. at home… Uni…
So that was my week on instagram

This semester isn’t that easy! I’m trying to work on my bachelor thesis…and that’s not that easy.
The most boring is the literature researches…
Google Scholar isn’t that good!!!

The pictures of Hamburg are a bite older, but I did not have time to work on it.
My Sister and my Boyfriend live over there… and I love to visite them.

For my weekly beauty routine, I am using Glamglow mask.
It is the best mask I have ever had!!
It cleanses the enlarged, clogged pores.
And afterwords it shrinks the pores and you feel really clean.
It reduces the pimples… maybe because it has an antiseptic effect.

My mom had birthday and we went out for dinner… we had Moroccan. Miam Miam!!

Oh and as uni was soooo boring, my friend and I had the superior idea to register at pottermore and play Harry Potter. And obviously the sorting hat had the splendid idea to send me to slytherin!! Yeahiii

Well it was a great week… but I am not very motivated to start in a new one!! I wished the weekend would last some more days!!

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