PRE – Christmas Time!!!

I just can’t and don’t want to wait anymore… included my birthday, Christmas time  is obviously the best time in the year.
In addition to my exam preparations, which overcharge me completely, I still find some time to fool around.

And when my friend Kim and I first start kidding around, then we indeed have to come in the mood…Music is our drug!!

As a huge fan of standard Christmas songs, I have more than enjoyed the this years Dandy Diary & Friends Christmas song WORLD SUCCESS – Christmas Time – which is OBVIOUSLY  superior!!

Heard once and I was bound… Christmas spirit was present, so give me the presents… I’m ready!!

By the way, I have, despite excessive a ventilated room, barely frozen, thanks to my super cool Moonboots, which I love more than any other shoes. Every year, I take them with a pumping heart out of my closet.
And seen? I made a Miley Cyrus and don’t have eyebrows anymore!YEAHI

Apropos I am wearing a body from American Apparel, Boots by Moonboots and as I am an Angel I obviously don’t need to by some wings!!


Jean Paul Gaultier // Mode-Designer
Bonnie Strange // It Girl & Ehefrau // The Shit Shop
Michael Michalsky // Mode-Designer
Rolf Eden // Playboy
Diane Pernet // Modekritikerin // A Shaded View On Fashion
Yvan Rodic // Fotograf // The Facehunter
Kira Stachowitsch // Chefredakteurin // Indie Magazine
Julian Zigerli // Mode-Designer
Bent Angelo Jensen // Mode-Designer // Herr von Eden
Betty Dittrich // Sängerin
Michelle Leonhard // Sängerin
Jack Strify // Sänger // Ex-Cinema Bizarre
Jan Mihm // Gründer // Uslu Airlines
Daliah Spiegel // DJ // The Pet Fanclub
Ulf // Kleinwuchsdarsteller
Jonathan Koch // Fleischer // Fleischerei Koch
Karolina Mrazkova // Model // Modelwerk
Valerie Charlotte // Model // PMA
Max Neu // Model // Modelwerk
Naemi Schink // Model // Modelwerk
David Kurt Karl Roth // Blogger // Dandy Diary
Carl Jakob Haupt // Blogger // Dandy Diary


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